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Have you been trying to watch YouTube in China and cannot figure out why it’s not working? The reason is because YouTube is one of the many websites that is blocked in China. You can unblock Youtube in China by signing up to a service that is offered here.

I found an informative blog post which really helped me decide in which direction I would like to go. I had to decide whether I want to use a VPN or a web proxy service to unblock YouTube. I recommend that you read the post and make a decision that will help you decide what works best for you in terms of being able to access Facebook and YouTube

unblock youtube in china

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China has their own version of YouTube which is called Tudou. The Chinese version of YouTube went up on April 15, 2005 and serves millions of people who upload thousands of videos on a daily basis. The Chinese people use this website, the same way as we use YouTube. Since Youtube is blocked in China, this is a good alternative for people who live there, and speak and understand Chinese.

Since I don’t live in China, and even if I did live there, I would still want to watch YouTube, I purchased a web proxy service which allows me to unblock YouTube and use it as I please. The Tudou website is written in the Chinese language, and as far as I can see from taking a look at the website, I do not see an option to view the website in English. You would have to copy and paste the text many times in Google translate in order to find what you are looking for. Which is yet another reason why I as well as many other travelers, would not be able to use it. A web proxy is a necessity for me to be able to unblock YouTube properly.

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I am personally used to using YouTube, as many other people are, and therefor I use a YouTube proxyserver to unblock YouTube, and unblock blocked sites. Chinese websites are monitored by the Chinese government, and therefor you will not always find what you are looking for on their version. I like being able to search for whatever it is I would like, whenever I would like, without being told what is and what is not allowed, or feel as though I am being watched.

Being “watched” is another important factor to take into consideration when you look for a web proxy to unblock YouTube. Make sure that whichever service you do use, is a secure proxy. You will know that it is a secure website if the http has an S at the end. A secure website looks like this: httpS://

I hope that I have saved you from the frustration you would have felt if you had arrived in China without knowing that Youtube is blocked.

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